12 April 2018

Karaf Cellar 4.1.1 deserialization issue

Due to a import limitation on the Cellar project, it is impossible to deserialize objects outside the cellar or hazelcast namespace:

[KARAF-5636] Enable dynamic import on cellar-hazelcast and dynamic import in Cellar DOSGi in order to support user defined class transport

The issue is solved in the next version, but there is a simple workaround. Make sure your bundles containing the classes for deserialization have the following namespace added to the manifest import-package statement:


Forcing this into the manifest with the maven bundle plugin is not that straightforward when the bundle does not contain a real dependency on Cellar. But it is possible by declaring the namespace optional:


On Karaf startup or on bundle install, Cellar will scan the import statements and detect and register your API bundles (OSGi extender pattern). Now it is able to find the required classes for deserialization and do a tccl switch to load it from the API bundle classpath.

Happy clustering...

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